Attention: Hiring Manager

Position: Senior Business Analyst


I am a Business and IT project leader with proven leadership qualities in an entrepreneurial culture. Committed 16 years in the design & development of IT systems for SMEs and corporate management. Designed, developed, supplied, installed, tested, commissioned software for General Practitioners, Specialists, Commodity trading-brokerage, Eyewear & Optometry primary care with GAAP, CRM, ERP, and POS features. They are evidence of my Level of Craft :: Empathy, Focus, and Impute :: Friendliness :: Design Simplicity :: Artistic Taste :: Skill-sets  

(Note: I do not have a Computer Science degree)


Critical thinking strategies, develop practical actions, and communicate strategically are traits of my character & competency to create greater financial value. I lead people to improvise and adopt different ways of doing business, innovating more with new products and services, assist in self-reflection, compose the language of business for employees to be outspoken and sell during and after the pandemic.


My confidence and charisma are ingrained with an understanding of this new ballgame, the need to develop action plans for monitoring and managing strategic risks, starting with the company’s long-term goals, competition, resources, intentions, and aspirations regarding how it intends to create future value for its stakeholders. Grind out analytical findings to recommend the good and highlight the bad strategic choices, both operationally and tactically.


For a change, I want to be a Center-back in strategic management earning a 5/7 salaried job that allows me to choose my set of processes & activities to deliver a unique mix of value. I am keen to know about innovative ways that the younger workforce and management staff can add value to my strategic analysis process. Use its planning concepts, tools, concepts, methods, and frameworks to learn about today’s environment and competitiveness and concoct innovation ideas that can address the market disruption and changes.


Survival during and after COVID-19 is NOT Compulsory. While businesses either shrink or go bankrupt, no one can guarantee the traditional value proposition won't get squeezed out by disruptive innovations. Working from home, Zoom meeting, businesses, customers, and consumers ways, when, and where to spend time and money are evolving daily.

As an advocate of Sun Tzu‘s art of war, I believe in wireframe and connecting dots, from employees to customers to processes to  organizing traditional and more recent tools (such as Blue Ocean strategy, Good to Great, Return Driven Strategy, creating shared value, disruptive innovation, strategic risk management) to gain support among top management. It is imperative to develop a connection and alignment between the strategy, strategy execution, budgets, and financial performance to create greater long- term sustainable value for shareholders and stakeholders.

I am not a "read dead book" sort of Modern Elder. You employ me because I am an inquisitive person who walks the talk with a handful of “whys”.  While I am upskilling my competency in Data Science with SAS Institute, let us be en guard to this new norm and emerge stronger. I look forward to hearing from you.


           ENOCH LOW