After I had finished reading UOW's International Business and Strategic IT Management in 2002, I started EIC1881 Consultancy Pte Ltd on o1 Jan 2004 with an extraordinary team of fresh graduate programmers and a designer. Together, we studied the current state of web development tools and database architecture, including self-taught skills on integrating lean, agile, and design thinking methodologies to produce outstanding web projects and my blue ocean software projects. We had no uneasiness to positioned ourselves as a Fine Class agency offering interactive design and development, building e-Commerce websites, creating inspirational ad ideas, and writing persuasive marketing content that transforms conventional ideas into powerful messages. 

EIC1881 Team.jpg


At that time, my guiding principle for sales, marketing, business development is to differentiate by introducing non-static website design coupled with interactivity and motion media (video). For management or finance, purchasing or sales, service or cost accounting, production, or warehousing, we advocate the customization of the ERP system to help SMEs unlock the full potential of their teams. For employee/user skill upgrading, we introduced Team Viewer to conduct an online remote research cum self-training program to bring the technological innovation to life; setting the stage for user-2-user or P2P and B2B collaboration and communication, all delivering complete end-2-end customer experience.


As you can see, our ability in producing such rich and powerful website back in 2004-5 is proof of our being ahead over all other web development companies in Singapore. Everything we produced were self-composed in-house from graphic design, action-scripting, 3D, story-boarding, music, copy-writing, voice-over, etc. 


Furthermore, the concept of Eyesimage manifest very similar criteria, techniques, principles, and procedures to Facebook, Alibaba, Amazon, and YouTube video marketing. But unfortunately, my vision, business foresight and skill level in E-Commerce was hammered down by my Nemesis. 

EYESIMAGE - The World 1st Online Try-on E-Commerce Model, 2005

E-Commerce Skill Level Evaluation

The same skill level assessment is also applicable to ANY field of Business, e.g. Strategy, Project Management, etc.

Michael Aldrich was the inventor, innovator and entrepreneur of E-Commerce technique. 

Web developers, strategists, businessmen, consumers have all read about its specific facts, criteria, techniques, principles and procedures. Many have the ability to identify, define, and list the knowledge material. A big segment can truly grasp and interpret the meaning of e-commerce, such as classify, explain, distinguish between one e-commerce model with another.


A small segment use the knowledge and their comprehension and apply it in new and concrete market situations - i.e. they are able to demonstrate, predict, solve, modify and relate


Those with vision and understanding have the ability to break down the knowledge material into its component parts so that its organizational structure can be implied and applied. They could recognize the 'casual' relationships between one model with another, comment on its 'discriminatory' behaviors and point out elements that are relevant to the validation of  their judgment.

And I would like to believe that only a few have the ability to put parts together to form a new whole proposed set of operations; ability to relate ideas and formulate hypotheses - i.e. combine, formulate, revise. After watching the entire presentation, how would you evaluate Eyesimage E-Commerce concept as compared with today's established platforms?

CISCO's Online Sales Model



After the core team dispersed, Adeline, PU and I designed, developed, supplied, installed, tested, commissioned software for General Practitioners, Specialists, while Andrei Olaru and I worked on the Commodity trading-brokerage system, Eyewear & Optometry primary care with GAAP, CRM, ERP, and POS features.


This change started to evolve after the presentation of my Online try-on of fashion eyewear and E-Commerce concept in the 2005 BlueSky Carnival, organized by Spring Singapore (way before Alibaba and Amazon became billionaires). I was introduced to a group of Pediatricians from Singapore Baby and Child Clinic and were offered to design and develop a Clinic Management System. The 6-figure project fee tabled was just too irresistible. After completion of the CMS, they bundled it with the clinics’ business and sold to Healthway Medical Group, a PLC, for a whopping $70 million (2008). 

The PLC chairman then re-hired me in 2007 to upgrade the system into an EMR-EHR System for different medical specialists, including additional features and Data Warehouse for Big Data modules. The project management fee was just as irresistible. They then form IHG, a new entity, bought over HMG and some overseas medical facilities/properties, and bundled the new intellectual property together and listed in SGX for $800 million (2015).

Capability and capacity to conform to HIMSS 
(Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) 


CMS Scope.jpg


As we capitalize on every business opportunity to produce innovative breakthroughs at competitive quotes and extra- long hours of dedication, we lost our one and only financial supporter to 'sizeable' government-backed and or supported financial schemes that were strongly promoted to keep pushing SMEs and Startups to innovate and be creative. It was the greatest teaser ever as everyone can see the cakes drawn on the wall but too many could not eat it.


Reality is none of the Singapore banks and finance companies facilitated any of the government financial assistance schemes for us to charge forward and actualize my dream projects. Banks asked for collateral but I had no property or shares to pledge. Alternatively, take the Micro Loan with interest rate charged at 14.5% p.a. plus directors' guarantee. Feasible for any business to compete in PRICE? How preposterous! Fact is Singapore big 4 banks don't want to take such risks from Startups or SMEs when their traditional business model is serving them well. 

" It is imperative for government organizations and local banks or finance institutions to develop a connection and alignment between the strategy, performance-based execution, budgets, and loan disbursement to create greater long-term sustainable value for the sacrifices made by SMEs and New Startups.

Otherwise, everything which the Singapore Ministers and PM said over mainstream media is just FICTION and NOT REALITY. Or to put it crudely, banks have no qualms throwing back the cake on the Ministers' face ! "


Unlike first world countries with few hundred million in population, when our local SME is either clumsy in and or not ready to digitize their business operation model, coupled with consumers' newness to E-commerce, not only 'an average' cannot be achieve, the 'best' website can only serve as an awareness channel for providing more persuasive information about the company products and services than Yellow Pages. Despite Singapore being a highly affluent country, pre and post-sales and services executed via 'online interactivity' were still in its infancy stage. WE WERE JUST TOO ADVANCED!

Looking back, COVID-19 could have changed the entire landscape and mindset. But it is irrefutable that it feeds on "MONEY, SWEAT, BLOOD, and DEATH" to force businesses and consumers to adopt and adapt to both demonetization and a digitization lifestyle. 

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Capability to Produce Diagnosis Justification