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Why people should support "New Law Could Make Abortion Punishable By Death", "Why We Need the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act", etc. Here it is. If you touch or play with fire, you surely get either burnt and or badly hurt. Not just yourself, but also people that got suck-in because of your falling into temptation and SIN, including your irresponsible procrastination, which is another SIN, right?    

So it is first about sexual immorality! Why did you commit it?  Is it so difficult to keep your underwear or panty on that you die-die must open your legs? Even if you decide to fall into temptation, the next thing that follows is NOT to engage in irresponsible sex. You know what I mean.


Now, when combined together, it is SIN. Therefore, your fate is reaping what you sow - emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually. If you choose to accept and take responsibility and ownership of your mistake, you may have a hard time ahead but you choose to SIN no more, as well as commit no crime of killing. God honors such decision.


If raped, there are medical processes to ensure pregnancy does not occur as a result of such a crime. So don't procrastinate until the sperm and egg fertilize and a new life comes into being. If procrastinate and you go for abortion or kill to avoid taking responsibility and ownership, you become a criminal. Don't give yourself stupid reason like "...this is my body and I decide what to do with it. " or use Human Rights as your shield.


Hence, in my opinion, any 3rd party who support, facilitate, and fulfill an abortion because of the woman's procrastination is committing a criminal act - guilty of willful coercion and abetment, which must be severely dealt with.


Hello, let us please KISS. Once we educate people to stop their commitment to sexual immorality, and dilly-dally with irresponsible procrastination, the debate on abortion won't exist anymore. Save money, time, preserve relationships, and resources.

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