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What is the nature, and origins, of OPTO EMR software? What are funders helping to keep alive?

OPTO EMR is a universal primary eye and vision care system designed for the following purposes:

  1.   Patient management

  2.   Clinical process management

  3.   Clinical research management

  4.   Diagnosis justification or Deep neural learning
      (which means function that imitates the workings of the human brain in processing data and creating patterns for use in decision making.)

   5.   Monitor patient managed-care activity

   6.   Software as a service

   7.   Employee empowerment

   8.   Economic empowerment

   9.   Cultural empowerment 

 10.   Societal empowerment

 11.   National empowerment      

NOTE-1 Aim of Empowerment:

Empowerment is a set of measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities in order to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority. It also aims to give employees the tools and resources necessary to make confident decisions in the workplace without supervision.

Note-2 Empowerment Factors:

  • Openness To New Ideas

  • Developing Others

  • Supportive And Trusted Manager

  • Recognition, Rewards And Encouragement

  • Positive Work Environment

  • Giving Team Members Authority

Note-3 Concept's Applicability:

Besides being a software in the field of medical health and healing (i.e. GP, Optometry, Pediatrics, ENT, etc.)  which includes assistants of healthcare providers, nurses, doctors, and various specialists. It covers diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, medical research, and many other aspects of health. OPTO EMR aims to promote and maintain health and wellbeing.

The Origin of OPTO EMR software


OPTO EMR concept is a sole proprietary intellectual asset conceived by Enoch Low. Between 2008 - 2013, the Low family group of optometrists and opticians practicing under the household brand name FIRST jointly sponsored his research, design, development of the advanced evolutionary prototype. Unfortunately, Enoch Low's health was affected by T-Cell Lymphoma in 2014 due to the stress of work, which hindered the project's progress. In 2020, OPTO EMR is continuing where it left off, and the original team of web developers is back together to complete the task.

The Concept of OPTO EMR software

The principle concept of OPTO EMR is to put healthcare providers' clinical competence with the evidence-based research literature to produce specially designed test procedure-templates that are classifiable into various types of formats that induce Subjective, Objective-Based Assessment (SOBA). 

These test procedure templates serve to guide the clinical process in observation, assessment, and measurement during consultation and examination to form electronic medical records (EMR), diagnosis, and treatment plans. The final process is the auto-transcript of all information into the electronic health record (EHR).

In each type of test procedure, a set of historically populated data is displayed as an impute of the probabilistic aspect of an answer justification method to form the "abductive" diagnostic inference model.


The objective is to let the examiner perform in a structured and well-guided system that reminds them of the subject's knowledge, including resonates with their technical competence, which empowers them to produce accurate clinical and medical healthcare information findings.


The process outcome is significantly consistent. Whether by PhDs, specialists, new grad physicians, or experienced doctors, they all perform compatibly.

It is a novel concept that brings "professional accountability" to consumers of medical health care services. It serves as an ethic-based innovation that facilitates the critical performance measurement of the examiner's performance. The test procedures and format(s) can either be:


1.  database format, which uses a predetermined series of tests, 


2. the systems approach, which ensures an assessment of several systems and 


3. the problem-oriented approach.​ 


When medical professionals, or in this case, an ophthalmologist or optometrist or optician or health care assistants performance becomes transparent and measurable, it re-shapes the attitude and behavior to focus more on the quality and social benefits of work. It nullifies greed and the seductions of financial rewards and affects professional altruism and moral foundations of the medical profession positively.


The target audience for the OPTO EMR software and other audiences and or beneficiaries the software may appeal to?

impact, popularity and ongoing demand

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