Career Journey & Signature Projects

Transform Vision  into Reality

"After my graduation in International Business (Strategic IT Management) in 2002, I spent 12 months in research of web development tools and IT architecture framework (i.e. governance, Business, data, technical. security and human capital). In o1 Jan 2004, I registered EIC1881 Consultancy Pte Ltd as a Fine Class agency, offering interactive design and development, building e-Commerce websites, creating inspirational ad ideas and writing persuasive marketing content that transform conventional ideas into powerful messages. 

EIC1881 Team.jpg

Together with 5 other members, we also provide project management and information differentials by applying an open standard content management system tied to integrated business management solutions (Mini-ERP), including employee/user training program to bring the technological innovation to life; setting the stage for user-2-user collaboration and communication, all delivering a complete end-2-end customer experience.

"Due to our different skills set, we were well ahead of many existing web developers and similar start-ups in static and motion media. Everything we produced were self-composed in-house from graphic design, action-scripting, 3D, story-boarding, music, copy-writing, voice-over, etc.


Between 2004 to 2005, our digital content creative design & art direction is comparable to some established world class companies. In 2006we were invited by Spring Singapore to participate in the Bluesky Carnival. We were given the center stage and EYESIMAGE became the 'star innovation' of the event. But shortly after the event, EIC1881 IT development focus was acquired by a group of top local Pediatricians, which caused an internal split.

Apologize if the "Intro" is a bit long, but enjoy the eyewear that celebrites wear.

Clinic Management System (CMS) cum Electronic Medical Record System

Between 2006 to 2009, I was engaged by an elite group of Pediatricians to design, develop, and deploy a comprehensive Clinic Management System (CMS). In the USA and Europe, it is known as Electronic Medical Record with Patient Health Management for General Practitioner & Specialists. In 2008, after the CMS was successfully implemented, this group of Pediatricians sold their practices (4) to Healthway Medical Group, a newly Singapore public listed company for whopping $ 70 million.

Between 2008 to 2016, I was re-engaged to project manage the Change Management - to enhance the CMS into a healthcare system that enable GPs and Specialists to have an integrated and automated clinic environment which provides advanced Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Clinical Services capabilities including full administrative, patient accounting, billing, pharmacy management (medication ordering, dispensary, inventory, and clinical decision support, operational and financial reporting, and bespoke and ad-hoc reports.


The system will also require a well-secured technology environment in the form of a centralized data warehouse architecture that stage, extract, transform, load and index, quality assurance checking, release/publishing, updating, querying, data feedback/feeding in reverse, auditing, securing, backing up and recovering in order to seamlessly share medical information between multiple health clinicians (amongst GP clinics and across different levels of care). 

The financial implication of this intellectual asset commands a Fair Market Value comparable to or at least 25% of MOH's integrated electronic health information system, which cost $225 million to develop. All my arduously researched process design workflows were shared by the Chairman of Healthway with MOH, who in turn, shared with Accenture (MOH's pre-chosen vendor) for adoption as key references to grossly reduce the learning curve of their contracted web developers. 

International Healthway Corporation then bought Healthway Medical for over $200 million, and subsequently, succeeded in listing its unique business model, including all fixed and intellectual assets (CMS) for over $ 700 million.